Friday, October 27, 2006

Some Assembly Required....

It took me a couple of days before I could get the boxes CLC sent me moved into my basement shop. When I finally got the boxes opened, this is what I had:

It's a bit intimidating, but the instructions and plans CLC included with all of the parts seem to be complete and very well written. I reserve final judgement, however, until after I actually complete the Pram.


Well, I'm committed (or perhaps, should be). I've bought a boat kit from Chesapeake Light Craft.

A little over two weeks ago, I was at the Annapolis sailboat show with my family. We wandered by the CLC booth, where I was instantly attracted to the beautiful boats they had on display as well as intrigued by the Eastport Pram kit that was being assembled at the show. The president of CLC, John Harris was working the booth and spent some time answering my questions. My wife, my dear sweet, sweet wife then asked me if I would like an Eastport Pram kit for my birthday, and some guaranteed time to build it. I didn't take me very long to agree to this. It didn't hurt that the kit was 10% off during the show. I left with the CLC catalogue.

Two days later, on the last day of the show, we returned and I bought a Pram kit with a sailing rig. It was delivered to my house three days ago.

It's my intention to document the trials and victories that await me as I build my boat.